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have you got a link for when tyler hoechlin smack dylan o'briens bum?


you mean 

yeah it’s an episode of wolf watch which you can view here

Hi! This blog is really amazing and I was wondering if you recommended fics that are in the process of being written?
i rarely read wip (since my heart had been broken too many times by forgotten fanfics) 
but you can check out the wip tag & series wip
Hi! I love your blog and I was wondering if you had found any little red riding hood (or similar themes) fics as I haven’t found many. Thank you!
red riding hood tag & fairy tale tag
Do you know of any sterek fanfic (or ships of other fandoms) that have been published?
yeah, there has been a couple I’ve seen but they usually change their names to gear to a larger audience. I know a couple in the tw & supernatural fandoms
hey , i love the whole ´´ banshee mythology “ and also love explicit long ficss…. could you do your magic, mix those ingredients and recommend me some fics ?? ( thanks , thanks thanks , thanks <3 )
i’m not sure what exactly you are looking for???? i haven’t seen any banshee!stiles fics.


If only this could be real


If only this could be real


Barn light.

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300 FAVORITE MOVIES (in no particular order)

214. The History Boys (2006)

"Reckless, impulsive, immoral — how come there’s such a difference between the way you teach and the way you live? Why are you so bold in argument and talking, but when it comes to the point, when it’s something that’s actually happening — I mean, now you’re so fucking careful!"

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I told them “awkward prom photo”. Afterwards Pete said, ” That was fun” and giggled. The longer I look at it, the better it gets. I can die happy.

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"Ooowww you’re so damn cute, little human…. LET ME PET YOU!"

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